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Roz McCay


Tīrama Co-Founder


“Giving people skills to adapt to change, and emotional intelligence to understand and respond appropriately to coworkers is a key foundation for productive corporate cultures”

Roz’s thing is adaptivity and she always seeks to work with possibilities and the best or most that can be. Creativity, a background in science and behaviour combined with intuitive wisdom is what Roz brings to the table. Roz loves working with leaders and boards to co design and facilitate impactful leadership programmes and off-sites, providing 1:1 coaching support and being a confidential sounding board and thinking partner during the pressure moments.

Roz has accumulated over 20 years of experience leading organisational behaviour and change programmes in Australia, UK and Aotearoa New Zealand. She has designed and facilitated long-term leadership programmes for para-military, mining, health, telco, professional and financial services, utilities and retail organisations. An independently assessed leadership programme of Roz’s landed an 87th percentile impact rating in comparison to similar Fortune 50 company programmes worldwide.


Roz is dedicated to supporting leaders and teams to optimise their individual and collective impact on the performance of their organisations and those in their care. “It’s about the from:to story and the rigour and inventivemness that generates exceptional ROI. We work on lifting learning agility and building the capacity to adapt and move, so that leaders, their teams and the entire organisation is well placed to achieve sustained success in our fast paced and continually changing world. There are massive levels of uncertainty and having the nous and confidence to navigate this reality is a gamechanger on many levels. Being adaptive is the key” 


Focusing on emotional intelligence and human centred design is Roz’s key skill set which enables her to coach or create programmes that address the people-power quotient of organisations, 


Dealing with tough issues and breaking through barriers to create new sustainable individual or groups dynamics is a high-level facilitation skill that Roz executes with compassion and finesse, “people are vulnerable and so we have to create environments where they feel safe and supported to do the work they need to do”.


Tīrama is definitely about weaving many strands of skill sets and capabilities together to create robust, responsive and assured people.

Core leadership development


Corporate culture
Change management and adaption
Emotional intelligence

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