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Kia tīrama iho te ara ki te ao mārama

The pathway to the world
of light pulses and glimmers

What we are known for

We create movement for leaders and a movement of leaders. We set new norms in:

Organisational culture change

CEO and enterprise leader development

Executive team development

Organisational Development strategy and implementation

Wellbeing strategy and services

A team of global characters

Key to our success is the diverse team who bring a set of unique skills and stories for leaders to learn and be inspired by. We exist to enhance humanity in simple ways. We love to share meals around the fire whilst chatting about what is most important to you.

Our core difference are our groundings in ancient wisdom, academic theory and modern research creating a contemporary and active approach to leadership development.

We connect to make change in your world.


Our Values

Freedom to be me
Enhance belonging
Creative courage to achieve


"Not a conference room in sight, coupled with the world class team of facilitators made Tīrama CEO programme the best I have experienced"

CEO Programme Alumni 2019

Our Products

Adaptivity is our superpower

Tīrama is committed to creating world-class leaders in Aotearoa and globally. Our unique history, culture, geography, ideology and diversity means we offer a unique perspective on global leadership.

We design programmes and services for you and our company’s exact requirements. We are adept at identifying key organisational or leadership issues, and ensuring solutions are future fit.


Tight 5: CEO & Enterprise Leaders Development

Personal & professional growth is slow when you try & go it alone.  Join a diverse group of peers for a highly focused & relevant learning adventure 


"Tīrama has been an amazing learning experience, facilitated by some world class people, in some unique and beautiful environments across NZ. The passion that exists for creating a next level leadership development programme exudes every session and interaction from the Tīrama team."

CEO Programme Alumni 2018

Our Team

Our organisation and programmes are led by individuals who have extensive experience in personal and team development. We bring acuity, and acumen through our chosen fields to each of our programmes or one on one approaches.

Amanda Maoate

RN, dip. cln Psychotherapist
Principle Consultant


“Being well physically, mentally and emotionally is essential to the workplace, and being able to master interpersonal relationships respectfully and honestly enhances team dynamics and productivity”

Amanda specialises in resilience coaching for individuals, families and executives with over 20 years’ experience working in the private and public sector to help people create lives worth living. With a background in nursing and public health, she is also trained in a number of human development models including psychotherapy, family and behavioural therapy. Mandy has led award winning resilience programmes and worked in tough environments, such as leading the family center for Westpac following the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake resulting in an HRINZ best regional initiative award.

As a registered psychotherapist, Amanda brings curiosity, intellect and pragmatism to her leadership coaching and facilitation. “I’ve got a naturally calm demeanour, and my focus is on creating safe supportive environments for people and teams to explore and challenge big and difficult ideas safely and with confidence”. Her expertise, coupled with deep intuition, guarantees sustained changes for executives who put in the work to grow and adapt their behaviours.

She has spoken at Australasian academic conferences about how to support families in crisis succeed, and brings an essential focus to supporting people back to wellness and productivity in the workplace by recalibrating personal resilience and positive interrelations with co-workers. “So many people experience crisis, illness or trauma either in the workplace or at home which affects their capacity and capability to perform well. We can address that and get people thriving again”.

Amanda has worked with people of different cultures, perspectives and values. She has a deep commitment to diversity and inclusion and was recently responsible for introducing practices in ADHB that emphasized Te Tiriti o Waitangi agreements. “I really value this work. Often people are unsure about how to ensure their organisations are truly diversity and inclusion focused, and I get a lot out of helping people to master these principles and practices”. Mandy’s own diverse whanau means she moves easily between socio-economic and cultural domains with a sensitivity to different communication and relationship approaches.

Tīrama is about making sure that every individual is strong to create a reflexive and resilient whole.

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Core leadership development


Workplace wellbeing
Personal wellbeing
Positive relationship skills dynamics
Cultural diversity and inclusion

Roz McCay


Tīrama Co-Founder


“Giving people skills to adapt to change, and emotional intelligence to understand and respond appropriately to coworkers is a key foundation for productive corporate cultures”

Roz’s thing is adaptivity and she always seeks to work with possibilities and the best or most that can be. Creativity, a background in science and behaviour combined with intuitive wisdom is what Roz brings to the table. Roz loves working with leaders and boards to co design and facilitate impactful leadership programmes and off-sites, providing 1:1 coaching support and being a confidential sounding board and thinking partner during the pressure moments.

Roz has accumulated over 20 years of experience leading organisational behaviour and change programmes in Australia, UK and Aotearoa New Zealand. She has designed and facilitated long-term leadership programmes for para-military, mining, health, telco, professional and financial services, utilities and retail organisations. An independently assessed leadership programme of Roz’s landed an 87th percentile impact rating in comparison to similar Fortune 50 company programmes worldwide.


Roz is dedicated to supporting leaders and teams to optimise their individual and collective impact on the performance of their organisations and those in their care. “It’s about the from:to story and the rigour and inventivemness that generates exceptional ROI. We work on lifting learning agility and building the capacity to adapt and move, so that leaders, their teams and the entire organisation is well placed to achieve sustained success in our fast paced and continually changing world. There are massive levels of uncertainty and having the nous and confidence to navigate this reality is a gamechanger on many levels. Being adaptive is the key” 


Focusing on emotional intelligence and human centred design is Roz’s key skill set which enables her to coach or create programmes that address the people-power quotient of organisations, 


Dealing with tough issues and breaking through barriers to create new sustainable individual or groups dynamics is a high-level facilitation skill that Roz executes with compassion and finesse, “people are vulnerable and so we have to create environments where they feel safe and supported to do the work they need to do”.


Tīrama is definitely about weaving many strands of skill sets and capabilities together to create robust, responsive and assured people.

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Core leadership development


Corporate culture
Change management and adaption
Emotional intelligence

Jo Nicol


Tīrama Co-Founder

Dynamic and driven, Jo has been working within the field of organisational development for over 20 years across the UK, Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand as a part of senior management teams for the Royal Bank of Scotland and Fletcher Building or as a consultant to NZ Post, Fonterra, The Warehouse and many others. Her award-winning work has seen her working with companies with staff of up to 19,000 across 40 countries.


“I’m all about high but sustained impact. Being a catalyst for positive change that creates dynamic 21st century leaders and workplaces” 

Jo’s consulting work is exceptionally well received. She is skilled in design thinking, creating programmes that are individually tailored and completely results driven, “we just know how to get people thinking and working, we’re agile thinkers and highly productive in the time we have to work with individuals and teams”.


Critically, Jo and her team are conversant in the industries and with the leadership requirements their participants face, “we’re pitching to a very, very smart audience – and we’re very comfortable in this space. Our executives and senior managers are making super hard calls, operating in extremely challenging roles and dealing with a fast-moving, ever changing world. We are able to provide the advice, development and support these people need to excel”.


After 20 years of corporate experience in organisational change and leadership consulting, Jo decided it was time to re-write the way executives learn so they are more equipped to lead in an uncertain, digital world where strategic acuity is hard to find. “My purpose is to be the hand on a leader’s back when they need it most. I’m compelled to coach and guide Board directors, CEOs and enterprise leaders to reach greater levels of performance and purpose”.


Tīrama is our offering, and our challenge, to executives to deliver with more purpose, with more skill, and with more confidence.

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Core leadership



Organisational development
Programme development
Change management
Team culture
Capability improvement

Tiare Tolks


Registered Health Psychologist
Principle Consultant

With over 20 years of corporate and psychology experience, health psychologist and development coach Tiare brings a number of evidence-based psychology modalities to her work. Working sensitively with people, especially leaders and workplace teams, Tiare helps those suffering from pain, low mood and anxiety to move to a place of personal wellness, authenticity and productive self-leadership. “When we are well, we can work more productively and with more confidence”.


“My experience as a mental health professional has taught me that our wellness is our edge”

Tiare also works with groups or key staff to focus on building self-awareness to identify strengths and competencies that help equip us navigate complex, uncertain and evolving business contexts. Often this involves dealing with uncomfortable emotions or having difficult conversations. Having the emotional intelligence and resilience to manage these situations creates better workplace relations.


Tīrama is about creating self-leadership and resourcing yourself to engage and thrive in the workplace.

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Core leadership



Emotional intelligence
Personal wellness

Justin Ferrell

Consulting Faculty for Design Thinking


“Redeveloping and designing organisations is about creativity, innovation and a deep dive into future ways of working”

Using innovation, creativity and forward thinking has helped Justin carve an exciting and productive career focusing on designing organisational culture. Drawing on a background of journalism and photography, he focuses on being a visual storyteller - an element he incorporates into his teaching of executives at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, globally through Duke Corporate Education, and in executive programs at Aalto University in Finland, EGADE Business School in Mexico, and Massey University here in New Zealand.

He also has experience teaching Stanford graduate courses in design thinking and organisation design.


Justin has also worked with a collection of well-known global companies such as Colgate-Palmolive, Dow Jones, Boehringer Ingelheim, Google, Deutsche Telekom, Facebook, Fidelity Investments, Humana, Hewlett Packard, Merck, NPR, NetSuite, Nokia, PepsiCo, SAP, The Aspen Institute, The New York Times, The United Nations, the U.S. Department of State, and the World Economic Forum. “I like to challenge people to draw out creativity in ways they didn’t anticipate, and to be able to articulate a future-forward focus for their organisation”.


Justin founded the professional fellowship program at the Institute of Design at Stanford University (the, where he now leads strategic partnerships. Previously, Justin was a career journalist specialising in design and organisational change. “I founded digital, mobile & new product design services at The Washington Post, transforming the traditional newsroom workplace”. 


Justin’s creativity and innovation is constantly stimulated through his role on the board of Amplifier, a design lab creating art and media to assist grassroots social movements; and as an advocate for Actual, a digital marketplace for sustainable infrastructure investment; and Streetcode Academy, a not-for-profit that assists and addresses the lack of diversity in the technology sector.


Tīrama is about building skills to design an organisational culture that is future-focused, and developing the ability to tell a compelling and relevant story to share with employees and customers.

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Core leadership



Organisational culture
Strategic partnerships
Design thinking
Communicating with words and images

Dr. Ceri Evans

Consulting Faculty for

Performing Under Pressure

Ceri has a distinguished career as a forensic psychiatrist.  He studied at the University of Otago, received a Rhodes Scholarship for the University of Oxford, and balanced this with playing professional football in the English Championship. After receiving a Gaskell Gold Medal from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, he specialised in forensic psychiatry completing a PhD in traumatic memory. Ceri has worked as Clinical Director of the Canterbury Forensic Psychiatric Service and provided services as a legal expert witness. 


“I’m motivated by people who are serious about performance, and are totally committed to improvement”

Through his private practice, he likes to apply his skills across conventional boundaries to a variety of performance domains, but particularly pressured environments. Ceri coaches and guides people, teams and organisations to perform well in challenging situations and roles, most notably has worked with the New Zealand All Black as a specialist consultant since 2010. “People are vulnerable to pressure and through clinical training, I’ve seen how significant that pressure can be on people”. 


By 2018 he had been made a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, whilst also receiving his football coaching A Licence. He balances his love for sport with a range of speaking engagements and training for leading international organisations seeking to improve the capacity of their staff in demanding scenarios. He created the Red-Blue mind model for use by people who are performing under pressure, from doctors, lawyers, executive teams to specialist teams, and from professionals to amateurs. “The mental components within stressful situations are fascinating - these mental aspects of performance under pressure are more abstract and provide great scope for adaptation and impact”. It’s in these uncomfortable spaces of stress, that people lose their way and Ceri uses these spaces to teach people how to feel, think and act under pressure.


Tīrama is about making sure that we lean into the uncomfortable experiences of performance and leadership to learn how to generate better outcomes.

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Core leadership



Performance under pressure
Mental resilience

Prof. Chellie Spiller

Hapū Matawhaiti Iwitea, Ngāti

Kahungunu ki Wairoa 
Consulting Faculty for Wayfinding

Chellie is an academic and a passionate and committed advocate for Māori Business development. Her vision is to create relational wellbeing and wealth across spiritual, environmental, social, cultural and economic dimensions. Creating transformation in people, enabling them to claim their rightful place in the world, and to embody their sense of self.


“I draw on cultural and spiritual learnings to assist leaders develop authentic and empowered ways for them to be in the workplace, and to use Wayfinding Leadership to create cultural and economic success”

Chellie is an academic and a passionate and committed advocate for Māori Business development. Her vision is to create relational wellbeing and wealth across spiritual, environmental, social, cultural and economic dimensions. Creating transformation in people, enabling them to claim their rightful place in the world, and to embody their sense of self.


Chellie’s leadership qualities are shaped by her extensive academic achievements, research, teaching, and book writing. She has over thirty years corporate experience in tourism, finance and marketing, holding senior executive positions in New Zealand and abroad. Chellie is currently Professor of Management and Leadership and Associate Dean Māori - Waikato Management School, for the University of Waikato. “Diversity, inclusion and belonging are essential components in today’s workplace, and this requires our leaders and organisations to be culturally and spiritually conversant. These dimensions are core to success today.”


Wayfinding Leadership: Ground-breaking Wisdom for Developing Leaders, is her co-authored book. This work created a pathway into ‘Wayfinding Leadership’ training programmes utilised in a variety of domains such as Air New Zealand’s middle management training programme, Global Women’s Breakthrough Leadership course, the judiciary and in the health sector. She also co-edited Reflections on Authentic Leadership: Concepts, Coalescences and Clashes, and Indigenous spiritualities at work: Transforming the spirit of business enterprise. Her published works reflect her kaupapa in transformational leadership and bringing humanity and spirituality back into the workplace, empowering people to create both cultural and economic business success.


‘Wayfinding’ is a key driver in how Chellie brings together her cultural and spiritual interests to produce rich and authentic teaching for individuals, bringing another level of emotional intelligence to people's working lives. “I’ve been influenced by my grandmother Wikitoria Wairakau Te taite Whare Atkinson, and by other Māori elders like Jane Marsden and Pereme Porter both of Ngā Puhi. These people, and my mother, have all mentored and guided me. They have helped me to embody the human qualities of humility, generosity, grace, wisdom, humanity, deep faith and service through their leadership”. 


Tīrama is about owning your cultural and spiritual strengths to create an empowered sense of self.

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Core leadership

development strengths

Cultural empowerment
Developing wairua and sense of self
Diversity and inclusion

Jaqui Ngawaka

Maniapoto, Ngāpuhi

MBA, BTch, BA, MInstD


Jaqui is a smart, capable leader with a talent for applying ancient wisdom to boost organisational development. She has cultivated a strong set of professional skills and distinguished qualifications with almost twenty years of senior level experience in education, broadcasting, and Te Tiriti partnership development.

Jaqui’s recent executive role is evidence of her leadership impact where she strengthened the strategic focus and progressed the implementation of priorities for the post-settlement iwi Ngāti Tama ki Te Tauihu and it’s entities. During that time she also spearheaded and co-chaired the formation of a charitable trust to advance the collective priorities of the eight manawhenua iwi in the Top of the South.

Jaqui has also held several governance roles and is currently a director of Mind and Body Consultants Limited, that provides peer-led mental wellness services across Aotearoa. Jaqui thrives in the service of others, she is values-led, and has a reputation for getting things done. She was raised in the King Country and now lives on the Kapiti Coast with husband Larz and together they have seven children and eight mokopuna.

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Core leadership



Emotional intelligence
Personal wellness

Jacqueline Martin

Business Manager


Jacqueline’s background in public and private sector, administration, legal and project management lend itself perfectly to her managing the operations of Tīrama Colab. She is a hands-on operator who takes genuine pleasure in growing relationships with her team and the Tīrama clients whilst supporting Tīrama’s success in the navigation of change and challenging people to achieve more in a powerful way.

Core leadership



Emotional intelligence
Personal wellness

Rhonda Morris

Wellbeing & Marketing Coordinator


Rhonda brings her energetic talent in the marketing space to the Tīrama brand and the skills to coordinate the wellbeing team. A focus on marketing and sales is fuelled by her experience in SMEs. Additionally, Rhonda coordinates and supports the wellness team and new product lines.

Core leadership



Emotional intelligence
Personal wellness

Our Team


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"Having access to world leaders on design thinking, performance under pressure, wayfinding leadership and leading with purpose has accelerated my development and challenged both my thinking and approach."

CEO Programme Alumni 2019


Jo Nicol
  • Member of NZ Global Women

  • Harvard Business School short-course graduate

  • International Coaching Federation Coach

  • NZ Global Women Breakthrough Leader alumni

  • Diversity NZ Award for Talent Force Youth Employment Initiative 2016

  • ATEED Award for mentoring youth leaders

  • NZ HR Specialist and HR Person of the year 2015

  • Fortune 500 Best Leadership Development (International) for 2015

  • International Business School EFMD Award - Most Innovative Executive Development in partnership with Auckland University in 2014

Amanda Maoate
Dr. Chellie Spiller
  • Featured in “100 Māori Leaders” for services to community in 2017

  • Co-awarded Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga major research grant Māori Leadership and Decision-Making in 2017

  • Early Career Research Excellence Award, University of Auckland in 2015

  • Fulbright Senior Scholar Award, Harvard University and The University of Arizona in 2011

  • Dame Mira Szászy Māori Business Leaders Alumni Award, University of Auckland Business School in 2011

  • Te Amorangi National Māori Academic Excellence Award in 2011

  • AuSM Best Lecturer Award – Te Ara Poutama, AUT University in 2011

  • Leadership New Zealand Scholarship in 2010

  • HRINZ Best Regional Initiative Award

Justin Ferrell
  • Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting - Investigative Series “Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency” in 2008

Dr. Ceri Evans
  • Gaskell Gold Medal by the Royal College of Psychiatrists


"Being a CEO can be a lonely place sometimes and the network of peers, who have turned into friends throughout the journey is a gift I will cherish. A fantastic experience and well worth the investment. I am both a better leader and human thanks to Tīrama."

CEO Programme Alumni 2019

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