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Amanda Maoate

RN, dip. cln Psychotherapist
Principle Consultant


“Being well physically, mentally and emotionally is essential to the workplace, and being able to master interpersonal relationships respectfully and honestly enhances team dynamics and productivity”

Amanda specialises in resilience coaching for individuals, families and executives with over 20 years’ experience working in the private and public sector to help people create lives worth living. With a background in nursing and public health, she is also trained in a number of human development models including psychotherapy, family and behavioural therapy. Mandy has led award winning resilience programmes and worked in tough environments, such as leading the family center for Westpac following the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake resulting in an HRINZ best regional initiative award.

As a registered psychotherapist, Amanda brings curiosity, intellect and pragmatism to her leadership coaching and facilitation. “I’ve got a naturally calm demeanour, and my focus is on creating safe supportive environments for people and teams to explore and challenge big and difficult ideas safely and with confidence”. Her expertise, coupled with deep intuition, guarantees sustained changes for executives who put in the work to grow and adapt their behaviours.

She has spoken at Australasian academic conferences about how to support families in crisis succeed, and brings an essential focus to supporting people back to wellness and productivity in the workplace by recalibrating personal resilience and positive interrelations with co-workers. “So many people experience crisis, illness or trauma either in the workplace or at home which affects their capacity and capability to perform well. We can address that and get people thriving again”.

Amanda has worked with people of different cultures, perspectives and values. She has a deep commitment to diversity and inclusion and was recently responsible for introducing practices in ADHB that emphasized Te Tiriti o Waitangi agreements. “I really value this work. Often people are unsure about how to ensure their organisations are truly diversity and inclusion focused, and I get a lot out of helping people to master these principles and practices”. Mandy’s own diverse whanau means she moves easily between socio-economic and cultural domains with a sensitivity to different communication and relationship approaches.

Tīrama is about making sure that every individual is strong to create a reflexive and resilient whole.

Core leadership development


Workplace wellbeing
Personal wellbeing
Positive relationship skills dynamics
Cultural diversity and inclusion

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