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Workplace Wellbeing

We guide individuals, teams and organisations to pay attention to the stuff that really matters

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"Building physical and emotional wellbeing in the workplace"

When we feel good about ourselves and others, we are more inclined to share, care and strive more. This can happen in the workplace too. In fact, we believe this so strongly, that it’s the reason we focus so acutely on helping organisations to build up the physical and emotional wellbeing of their people. Some call this emotional intelligence. But it’s more than just holding hands and singing Kumbaya on a team retreat! Through our extensive experience in the field of psychology, we recognise that coming to grips with why and how we operate can have substantial impacts on our work life, our personal life and all the human interactions that happen in-between. When you consider the roles of leaders and team members – that’s a myriad web of complex human relationships! All these relationships influence the culture of an organisation and the sense of value that we experience in the workplace or in our personal lives.


Contact us directly to see if a workplace wellbeing programme or workshop would provide benefits to your employees. Please contact us as case studies are available on request.


"Tīrama has been an amazing learning experience, facilitated by some world class people, in some unique and beautiful environments across NZ. The passion that exists for creating a next level leadership development programme exudes every session and interaction from the Tīrama team.”

CEO Programme Alumni 2018

Our Products

Adaptivity is our superpower

Tīrama is committed to creating world-class leaders in Aotearoa and globally. Our unique history, culture, geography, ideology and diversity means we offer a unique perspective on global leadership.

We design programmes and services for you and our company’s exact requirements. We are adept at identifying key organisational or leadership issues, and ensuring solutions are future fit.



Our beloved feature 10-day Tīrama programme for the world’s best and brightest minds

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