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Jo Nicol


Tīrama Co-Founder

Dynamic and driven, Jo has been working within the field of organisational development for over 20 years across the UK, Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand as a part of senior management teams for the Royal Bank of Scotland and Fletcher Building or as a consultant to NZ Post, Fonterra, The Warehouse and many others. Her award-winning work has seen her working with companies with staff of up to 19,000 across 40 countries.

Jo’s consulting work is exceptionally well received. She is skilled in design thinking, creating programmes that are individually tailored and completely results driven, “we just know how to get people thinking and working, we’re agile thinkers and highly productive in the time we have to work with individuals and teams”.


Critically, Jo and her team are conversant in the industries and with the leadership requirements their participants face, “we’re pitching to a very, very smart audience – and we’re very comfortable in this space. Our executives and senior managers are making super hard calls, operating in extremely challenging roles and dealing with a fast-moving, ever changing world. We are able to provide the advice, development and support these people need to excel”.


After 20 years of corporate experience in organisational change and leadership consulting, Jo decided it was time to re-write the way executives learn so they are more equipped to lead in an uncertain, digital world where strategic acuity is hard to find. “My purpose is to be the hand on a leader’s back when they need it most. I’m compelled to coach and guide Board directors, CEOs and enterprise leaders to reach greater levels of performance and purpose”.


Tīrama is our offering, and our challenge, to executives to deliver with more purpose, with more skill, and with more confidence.


“I’m all about high but sustained impact. Being a catalyst for positive change that creates dynamic 21st century leaders and workplaces” 

Core leadership



Organisational development
Programme development
Change management
Team culture
Capability improvement

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