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Dr. Ceri Evans

Consulting Faculty for

Performing Under Pressure

Ceri has a distinguished career as a forensic psychiatrist.  He studied at the University of Otago, received a Rhodes Scholarship for the University of Oxford, and balanced this with playing professional football in the English Championship. After receiving a Gaskell Gold Medal from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, he specialised in forensic psychiatry completing a PhD in traumatic memory. Ceri has worked as Clinical Director of the Canterbury Forensic Psychiatric Service and provided services as a legal expert witness.

Through his private practice, he likes to apply his skills across conventional boundaries to a variety of performance domains, but particularly pressured environments. Ceri coaches and guides people, teams and organisations to perform well in challenging situations and roles, most notably has worked with the New Zealand All Black as a specialist consultant since 2010. “People are vulnerable to pressure and through clinical training, I’ve seen how significant that pressure can be on people”. 


By 2018 he had been made a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, whilst also receiving his football coaching A Licence. He balances his love for sport with a range of speaking engagements and training for leading international organisations seeking to improve the capacity of their staff in demanding scenarios. He created the Red-Blue mind model for use by people who are performing under pressure, from doctors, lawyers, executive teams to specialist teams, and from professionals to amateurs. “The mental components within stressful situations are fascinating - these mental aspects of performance under pressure are more abstract and provide great scope for adaptation and impact”. It’s in these uncomfortable spaces of stress, that people lose their way and Ceri uses these spaces to teach people how to feel, think and act under pressure.


Tīrama is about making sure that we lean into the uncomfortable experiences of performance and leadership to learn how to generate better outcomes.


“I’m motivated by people who are serious about performance, and are totally committed to improvement”

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Performance under pressure
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