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Board Reviews

We share what it takes for boards to become effective partners of the management team

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“Creating synergy and driving performance”

Governance is a critical cornerstone of organisational performance, and we really enjoy working with Boards to enhance and accelerate their performance. We run through a basic diagnostic “check-in”, as well as any necessary board governance evaluations tools. However, we expect that your compliance role is well in hand therefore we focus on creating breakthroughs that assist the Board to make its contribution to company performance at an increased level of value. This targeted work can be confronting for many, but we support you in a considered and nurturing way to step forward into the future boldly.

Our commitment is to get your Board working synergistically with the executive level, and to enhance overall company performance. We encourage codesign between Board and executive team, to create a success-based model of action. Key to this is removing often unintentional yet unproductive processes and behaviours, while identifying and harnessing opportunities to deliver differently and more effectively.

Our specialty is understanding behaviour dynamics of board interaction, and coaching individuals to maximise effective self-awareness, self-leadership, powerful questioning and to develop an inquiry-based mindset. We can also incorporate additional support and coaching to upskill in particular areas that the Board may not have sufficient expertise with, such as harnessing diversity, creativity and progressive thinking. These skills enable the group to create collective value and drive organisational performance forward.

Contact us directly to talk about Board review options that would be of value to you. Please contact us as case studies are available on request.


"Not a conference room in sight, coupled with the world class team of facilitators made Tīrama CEO programme the best I have experienced"

CEO Programme Alumni 2019

Our Products

Adaptivity is our superpower

Tīrama is committed to creating world-class leaders in Aotearoa and globally. Our unique history, culture, geography, ideology and diversity means we offer a unique perspective on global leadership.

We design programmes and services for you and our company’s exact requirements. We are adept at identifying key organisational or leadership issues, and ensuring solutions are future fit.



Our beloved feature 10-day Tīrama programme for the world’s best and brightest minds

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